Skin – Your Largest Organ

60 % of any substance applied directly to your skin is absorbed into your body.

This is a scary thought when we think of the chemicals in commercially available skin care and cosmetic products. Most of these chemicals are toxic or we know little to nothing about the long term effects on our bodies. For example, lip stick is one of the most toxic cosmetic products because it contains harmful chemicals such as, PVP, saccharine, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. But what also makes lip stick harmful is that it is applied to such a thin layer of skin making it so easily absorbed.

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  1. Posted by pajama mama on January 7, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    Thank you for all the great information ~ I have tried this facial and it is so refreshing! I will check out this blog weekly for more great healthy, organic living tips!!


  2. […] will need (use organic whenever possible – as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, your skin is your largest organ and absorbs 60% of any substance you apply to […]


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