Bring Your Pets with You

Green pets? I must be joking right?

No, not really and here’s why…

What we domesticate is our responsibility for life.

We bring home the cutest, the cuddliest, the warmest and the most loving little critters and because of our choices, they are now completely dependent upon us for just about everything. For starters, they need a healthy and nutritious diet so let’s start here.

Let’s get smart about our pets

Dogs – a man’s best friend and so true this is. But would you give your best friend a plate of food chuck full of pesticides, nitrates, lead, synthetic preservatives, artificial flavorings and colors and say, “Eat up Buddy, I love you.”??? Same goes for all the cat lovers out there. Dry cat food has been linked to kidney problems, especially if they don’t drink enough water.

What you can do.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Join me and my Freedom Fighting Thugs for Unconditional Love… we also want to learn MORE about Living Naturally!!!!!!!!!


  2. I sprinkle diamonds in everything my dog eats. That was It’s like a treasure hunt every time I’m picking up his doodoo. J/K. Nice post!


  3. Posted by pajama mama on January 10, 2007 at 3:19 am

    Duke – I LOVE him!


  4. My dog loves broccoli stems (which is great since I only like the “florets”) she also likes salad (romaine rather than iceburg like me). But she hates radishes and oranges.


  5. My dogs love veggies, too! Especially Duke, I think he might prefer to be a vegetarian. 😀


  6. Gregg Ratcliff

    I am along with everyone else this summer for getting poison ivy; although, I think I got a nice case of poison sumac. It formed in a straight line down my arm right before graduation. I tried treating it with caladryl lotion. When that didn\’t work …


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