Mystery Goo Leads To a Discovery Your Dogs Will Love

Meet Duke, my 4 year old red blood hound 

Meet Duke. He’s my 4 year old red blood hound and he is prone to getting food, water, dirt, mud, anything at all really all over his ears and face. It’s a regular routine around here to be wiping him down with a wet rag. But today I discovered something about Duke that your dogs may love.  

When I got home today his face and ears were covered in a white-ish sticky goo. I think it’s safe to say that he had a lot of fun while I was at work. Even though it was a mystery to me what the goo was, I had to clean him up before he was set free inside my house. So I walked him in and had him lay down in his spot while I got a wet rag.

Even here in sunny Phoenix, AZ the tap water is cold during the winter and when I tried to clean his gooy face the goo wouldn’t come off. So, I thought about it for a second knowing I didn’t want to resort to soap because that would turn into a bigger mess than I wanted to deal with at the time. I decided to just try warm borderline hot water. And the goo came off but that’s not the discovery.

While I was cleaning Duke’s face and ears he began to act odd, like nothing I’ve seen him do. His eyes rolled back, his body went limp, I had to prop his head up with my knee so I could get into the wrinkles; he was in heaven. It had to be the warm water, I thought. So I went back into the kitchen and got a bowl of hot-ish water, sat on the floor with him and wiped his face and ears down with the warm water. He loved every minute of it and his 85 pounds of dog weight had turned into goo in my lap.

Duke isn’t the only one.

I tried the warm water on Harley, my 8 year old border collie/basset hound mix and also Oliver, my 5 year old beagle/basset hound mix. They loved it as well and my bet is so will your dog(s).

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4 responses to this post.

  1. I LUV IT TOO!! Viva de Hot-Water Rub-Down for Dogs!!!! Did you know that there are people out there that actually specialize in Doggie Massage?


  2. Doggie massage is the best! It is so good for your dog to loosen up those muscles and relax.


  3. Posted by brianna on January 11, 2007 at 8:21 pm

    brilliant idea! I have to try it.


  4. Great story! I will definitely try that on my little 2lb chihuahua, Mitties, and my australian shephard, Shae. I’m sure they will love it!


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