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10 Ways to Use Baking Soda in Your Kitchen


Some Guidelines

You can use baking soda in 3 different ways:

  1. Directly – sprinkle it directly on a surface or on a sponge.
  2. Solution – use 4 tablespoons of baking soda per quart of warm water.
  3. Paste – add just enough water to make a consistancy that will not run when applied.

10 ways to use baking soda in your kitchen

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No More Chemical Cleaners

cleaning.jpgSpring is just around the corner and it will be time to clean your home from top to bottom. From the kitchen to the closet, using natural products have several advantages.

  • Healthier – no harmful chemicals or additives that are dangerous to breath and absorb through your skin
  • Inexpensive – natural cleaners will save you money
  • Easily accessible – natural cleaners are easily found in your grocery store if they’re not already in your cupboard
  • Safe for the environment – natural cleaners have no damaging effects on the environment and are not tested on animals

Before you begin the annual ritual of spring cleaning throw out all your chemical cleaning products.

Throw these out:

  • Degreasing cleaners for sinks and bathtubs
  • Multi-surface cleaners
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
  • Polishes
  • Window cleaners
  • Disinfectants and bleaches
  • Metal cleaners and scourers
  • Air fresheners

Go for “soft chemistry”:

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Chocolate Lovers Beware – – It’s Good for You!


It’s all about those Flavinoids

So what are the flavinoids and why are they so good for you?

Flavinoids are plant pigments responsible for many of the health benefits of many fruits and medicinal plants.

Flavinoids in chocolate:

  • are antioxidants that are especially important in protecting against damage to the lining of the arteries from high cholesterol
  • prevent excessive clumping of blood platelets that cause blood clots
  • they also work like a very low dose of aspirin to prevent blood platelets from becoming too “sticky”

Is ALL chocolate good for you?

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Bass Fishing Rocks!


I went bass fishing today at Lake Plesant, AZ. Had a great time but got rained out half way through. Can’t wait to go again next weekend to make up for it. I’m now pretty tired after getting up early, hiking in and getting some fishing done. So, I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

My Next Car Will Be Powered by Bio-diesel If I Have To Make It Myself

b100.jpgIn my research of bio-diesel this is what I have uncovered so far.

Bio-diesel is a blend of regular diesel fuel and a vegetable or plant oil; cotton seed oil, corn oil, peanut oil and others.

The blends very from a 5% blend, known as B5 (mix of 5% plant oil and 95% petroleum diesel), to a 100% plant oil, known as B100.

Bio-diesel is a biodegradable.

Bio-diesel is a non-toxic fuel.

It produces far fewer emissions when burned compared to petroleum based fuels.

In fact, B100 is so non-toxic that the cotton farmers in Texas that are using B100 to plow their fields are actually providing nutrients to their crops and making the soil richer.

Bio-diesel is the future…Not Hydrogen or Electric

I see a truly renewable resource in bio-diesel unlike hydrogen and electricity.

Hydrogen is only available in certain parts of the world which is our problem now with petroleum fuel. Hydrogen also comes with a huge cost for the infrastructure to distribute it and for the cars to run on it.

Electricity is expensive. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see my already ridiculous power bill go up even more just so I can charge my car to go to work in the morning. And let’s face facts, hydrogen and electric cars are gutless wonders with horrible horse power making them impossible to drive on a city freeway where the average speed is 65 or better.

Bio-diesel has a lot more potential.

vw.jpgBio-diesel can run in any diesel engine on the market today. The only sad fact is that the only diesel engine that can run on B100 is the diesel engine made by Volkswagen. So, what about Ford, Chevy, and Dodge? The power houses of American cars. Their diesel engines will run on bio-diesel, you just have to use a blend not pure bio-diesel like the Volkswagen.

* Use caution when using bio-diesel for the first time in a car/truck that normally runs on regular diesel – – the natural oils used to make bio-diesel are great natural solvents that will clean your pipes through and through. You’ll need a tune-up before that first tank is gone. But after that, you and your car/truck will be fine.*

Also, bio-diesel can be distributed just as easily as regular diesel fuel or petroleum based fuels. The only problem standing in the way is consumer demand. If we ask for it, they will provide it. It’s the nature of the game.

My next car will be powered by bio-diesel if I have to make it myself.

A few years ago, we had a gasoline shortage here in the valley of the sun due to a pipeline brake. This created a huge mess as you can imagine; panic, price gauging, even leading to violence in some areas. After spending several hours in the 100 degree sun, pushing my car because I had run out of gas waiting for my turn at the pump, I told myself that my next car would not run on gas.

So naturally, the selling point for bio-diesel to me is that you can make your own bio-diesel in your garage. It’s safe and seems easy enough. I will do more research of course, before I actually dig in. But if you’re interested you can read more at Journey for Life or at Collaborative Bio-diesel.

~Be the Change You want to See!

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Too Much Time on the Computer? Relive Tired Eyes Naturally

tired eyesMy day usually involves 10-12 hours of looking at a computer monitor. From writing this blog to creating various designs for web sites, by the end of the day my eyes are exhausted, dry and aching. If you find yourself in the same position, there are a several ways to relieve and refresh your eyes naturally.

Prevent Tired Eyes

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The Futrue is Now – 4 Cities That Are Changing Their World and Going Green

Talk about a grass roots effort! The citizens of Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Los Angeles are on the move to change their cities. The best part is; it’s working!


Chicago has some major problems but her citizens aren’t easily discouraged. They’re stepping up in a BIG way to reverse the damage of pollution, combustion, and over population. And they aren’t afraid to use their muscle to beat political corruption to fix their city.

Friends of the River is grass roots organization founded by the residents of Chicago in 1973. Tired of their Chicago River being treated as a legal dumping ground, they organized and recruted hundreds of people to restore 156 miles of river that traveled through 50 towns in the Chicago area. Today, with their hard work and dedication, the Chicago River is showing signs of revitalization with the return of native plants and wildlife.


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