Bass Fishing Rocks!


I went bass fishing today at Lake Plesant, AZ. Had a great time but got rained out half way through. Can’t wait to go again next weekend to make up for it. I’m now pretty tired after getting up early, hiking in and getting some fishing done. So, I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

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  1. It would be great to hear more about your bass fishing exploits 😉

    Rich’s Bassin’ Blog
    Rich’s Bassin’ Forum
    Bass Fishing Tackle Blog


  2. Well, unfortunately, there isn’t much to tell…this time. Darn rain. But there was a little promise. Instead of going home I took a drive around the lake and may have found a few great spots for bass.

    I plan on going out again this Saturday and if all goes well, I’ll have something to show for my efforts. 😀


  3. Have you ever fished at Lake Alamo? A friend, his dad, and I went there once and had a very funny adventure.



  4. Nope, I haven’t fished Lake Alamo, yet but I have certainly heard about it. I’m planning on going out next weekend. Is it rpetty good fishing out there?


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