Chocolate Lovers Beware – – It’s Good for You!


It’s all about those Flavinoids

So what are the flavinoids and why are they so good for you?

Flavinoids are plant pigments responsible for many of the health benefits of many fruits and medicinal plants.

Flavinoids in chocolate:

  • are antioxidants that are especially important in protecting against damage to the lining of the arteries from high cholesterol
  • prevent excessive clumping of blood platelets that cause blood clots
  • they also work like a very low dose of aspirin to prevent blood platelets from becoming too “sticky”

Is ALL chocolate good for you?

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4 responses to this post.

  1. You don’t have to tell me about the “bliss chemical”!!!!!

    Just out of curiosity, does white chocolate contain anything beneficial at all?


  2. lol – We all love the “bliss chemical” 😀

    Good question! I personally love white chocolate.

    In fact, white chocolate is not considered chocolate by the FDA because it isn’t made from cocoa solids. Without these cocoa solids it is missing the helpful flavinoids of true chocolate.

    The benefits, if any, in white chocolate are those from the milk and maybe the cocoa butter.

    White chocolate should be ivory-colored. The ivory color indicates that it was made with cocoa butter making a superior product. White chocolate that is white indicates that it was made with vegetable oil making a lesser product. Especially, in regards to taste.


  3. I agree with you AND the FDA. White chocolate is a delicious treat, but it’s not chocolate. I once toured the chocolate plant at Hershey PA and learned a lot about cocoa solids and chocolate liquor, sugar proportions and much more. For some reason, though, the details don’t stay in my head. Too much candy I imagine. Happy Valentine’s Day.


  4. I sure “loved” that chocolate bar I had just a little bit ago! LOL!

    Will have a little blurb about your blog on mine tomorrow with a link to your site. Take care.



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