10 Ways to Use Salt to Clean Your Home


From stained carpet to tarnished copper; salt can do the job of cleaning your home. Salt is tough enough to tackle your hardest cleaning projects including polishing your sinks, removing stains in your carpet and revitalizing your word furniture.

10 ways to use salt to clean your home.

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  1. do you have any information on borax – an ecoshop near me just gave me a present of some.

    slán go foill


  2. I have split feelings on borax. It is a natural product but it can be dangerous to have around your house especially if you have children or pets.

    I have some info that I’ve been putting together in the same fashion as the salt and baking soda articles.

    A few simple things for now:

    1. Borax can be used to enhance stain removal and bleaching of your laundry; just add a bit to your wash.
    2. It can be used as an herbicide for weeds
    3. It can be used as an insecticide; killing roaches, ants, and fleas

    Points 2 & 3 are the reasons I keep Borax around. I prefer to use a naturally occurring herbicide and insecticide.

    ** Remember, Borax can be harmful.
    Always use protective rubber gloves. Pregnant women should not use borax. Also keep out of reach from children and pets.


  3. thanks so much for that – very interesting! Do you know how it made – every ‘eco’ book seems to mention it for use in everything! but none on the history of it/ how its found made etc… most appreciated.

    alán go foill


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